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Holbrook Landscaping, LLC. is a leading full-service firm based in Hickory, North Carolina. We are uniquely equipped to bring the experience and tools to your residential or commercial property that are essential to first class maintenance.

No matter the size of the project or client
commercial or residential
our excellence and dependability will be apparent!

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Services Include:

Holbrook Landscaping offers lawn maintenance, grading, bush hogging, dump truck service, demolition, lot clearing, Icy Prevention, Snow and Storm Clean Up, Mulching, Pine Needles, and Hedge Trimming. Call 828-234-8982

Mulch Blower
Mulch Blowing
Installing Sod
Mulch Blower

Our Service Area

Service Area

Residential Properties serviced in
Hickory, Conover, Newton, and Granite Falls and surrounding areas.

Commercial Properties serviced in
Hickory, Lenoir, Conover, Newton, Morganton, Gastonia, Mooresville, Charlotte, Matthews, Monroe, Pineville, Statesville, Lincolnton, Gastonia, Shelby, Kings Mountain.

Counties:  Catawba, Caldwell, Burke, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Iredell, Gaston.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal!
828.234.8982 ... doug@holbrooklandscaping.com

Total Lawn Care

Beautiful Lawns


Lawn Health Analysis

Our expert lawn care specialist walks your lawn to assess its overall health and condition.

Auditing the general health of your lawn and turf is part of our full service lawn care program.

We will evaluate the health of your turf and landscape to determine the best methods to make your lawn the healthiest and most beautiful it can be.


Fertilization and Grass Types

Natural, organic nutrients help your grass grow and stay healthy.

Choosing the best grass types and fertilization methods that match your climate, seasonal considerations, landscape and soil type are keys to success.


Aeration and Seeding

To increase air, water and nutrients to a lawn's roots, small plugs are extracted from soil. Our specialists know when the time is right for seeding to thicken turf.

pH and Soil Quality

Great lawns require great soil with the right balance of alkaline and acid. If soil is out of balance, pH is adjusted with lime, potassium or other micronutrients.


Targeted Insect Control

Our targeted services help control turf-feeding insects and prevent them from invading your yard.

Disease Control

Disease could be the reason for spots or patches in your lawn. Holbrook Landscaping has the expertise to determine the problem and treat it.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal!
828.234.8982 ... doug@holbrooklandscaping.com

Hedge and Shrub Maintenance

Hedges and Shrubs


Hedges and shrubs are the perfect anchor for your Landscape. Not only do they look good, but they can also be used to provide privacy or create a natural barrier, if desired. When properly maintained, most shrubbery will provide you with many years of enjoyment.

Well-maintained and beautiful hedges can provide privacy, act as a barrier to street noise not to mention add value to your home. Hedges are smaller shrubs, that when planted in rows, grow together to make a uniform wall or shape.


Besides purely aesthetic reasons, there are other reasons why hedges need to be trimmed. Trimming and pruning is also used to stimulate new growth, to divert energy to flowers, foliage or healthier parts of the shrub, or to allow the bottom-most part of the shrub to receive needed sunlight. It can also be done to improve living conditions in cases where the hedges have become too crowded.


Properly and neatly trimmed and pruned hedges give a yard a nice, manicured look.

Pruning is a horticultural practice that alters the form and growth of a plant.

Based on aesthetics and science, pruning can also be considered preventive maintenance. Many problems may be prevented by pruning correctly during formative years for a tree or shrub.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal!
828.234.8982 ... doug@holbrooklandscaping.com

Parking Lot and Exterior Maintenance

Professional Property Management & Power Sweeping

Parking Lot Parking Lot

Let our professionals keep your parking areas free of debris. It leaves a great impression on your customers and helps keep your indoor spaces clean from grit and grime.

Holbrook Landscaping has sweeping programs and pressure washing for all types of business properties, including:

:: Retail Malls :: Homeowner's Associations
:: Construction Sites :: Shopping Centers
:: Apartments Complexes :: Roads and Highways
and any other Sweeping Need you may have!

In today's challenging market, business property managers and owners can't afford to tarnish their image due to scrimping on exterior grounds maintenance. Regular sweeping is irrefutably the most important element attributing to overall appearance.

Keeping all exterior areas litter-free and properly maintained is becoming more and more appreciated as an integral component of a prosperous business property.

Research studies have shown that cleanliness rates as a leading factor in determining where people choose to shop. Outdoor cleanliness is seen by many and is considered to be equally important as that of the interior of the building.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal!
828.234.8982 ... doug@holbrooklandscaping.com

Mulching Information


Mulch solves so many problems it ranks pretty high on a gardener's list of best friends. Mulch controls weeds, keeps soil moist, and prevents erosion and runoff. Organic mulches enrich the soil when they decompose, adding nutrients and improving soil structure. A blanket of mulch maintains even soil temperature, which promotes healthy plant growth. In winter in colder climates, for example, mulch keeps the soil from the freezing and thawing that disturbs root systems. Mulch also makes a garden look good, giving beds a consistent and finished appearance.


Mulch Benefits

When used correctly, mulches conserve soil moisture. They keep soil cooler in summer and warmer in winter, maintaining steadier soil temperature. Mulches also prevent soil "splashing," or spreading soil-borne diseases or contaminants onto vegetation or produce via water drops. They reduce weed growth too, and help prevent soil compaction. Organic mulches decay into the topsoil, adding nutrients and improving soil structure. Mulched plants produce more roots, which enhances their health.


Pine Needle Mulch

A two to three inch layer of pine needles makes an excellent organic mulch. Pine needles are lightweight and pack loosely, yet they "interlock" and hold better than most mulches....especially on slopes. Air as well as water and nutrients easily penetrate pine straw mulch, but because it breaks down slowly it doesn't need frequent replacement. Using pine needles as mulch is also sustainable, and usually organic; no trees are harvested to produce it. Pine straw mulch doesn't attract pests or termites. It's useful for any plants that do well when mulched, not just acid-loving plants.


When to Apply?

The best time to apply mulch depends on what you are growing and your purpose for mulching. For flower or vegetable gardens it's best to wait until the ground warms up; otherwise the mulch will keep the soil temperature low and inhibit plant growth. Wait until seedlings are a couple of inches tall before mulching around them. If you want to keep soil temperature from fluctuating during the winter, apply mulch after the ground freezes.

Contact us with any questions about mulching ... 828.234.8982 ... doug@holbrooklandscaping.com


Irrigation Installation and Service

Holbrook Landscaping subcontracts all irrigation work to a North Carolina Licensed Contractor
Barry Smith Irrigation :: N.C. License No. 262

Irrigation Examples
We install and service irrigation systems and service existing systems for commercial properties and residential clients.
Irrigation Examples
For all your irrigation needs, call Holbrook Landscaping at (828)234-8982 or email us at doug@holbrooklandscaping.com

By Barry Smith Irrigation :: N.C. License No. 262

Snow Removal Services

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Mosquito Control Services

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Under Construction

Coming Soon!

Bush Hog Services

For all your Bush Hog and clearing needs call Holbrook Landscaping at
(828)234-8982 or email us at doug@holbrooklandscaping.com
Bush Hog Examples

About Holbrook Landscaping, LLC.

Doug Holbrook

Welcome to our Site

Although we do manage lawns, Holbrook Landscaping, LLC., is much more than just an ordinary landscaping company. In addition to providing top quality customer care, we go beyond what most other landscaping companies offer.

Using up-to-date equipment and technology, we make available to our clients a wide ranges of services customized to fit their needs.

Doug Holbrook

Our clients demand the best, and we deliver five-star quality to each of them.

We cultivate more than just a green lawn, at Holbrook Landscaping, LLC. We cultivate exceptional individualized attention and unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal!

For example, moving beyond basic lawn care, we provide:

  • Integrated weed and pest control, using products that are both effective & industry proven.
  • A five-star lawn maintenance program that goes the extra step to ensure our clients have well-manicured lawns.
  • The finest mulch available to help protect shrub and flower beds.
  • Quality mosquito control products that keep the pests at bay during the long, hot summer months and make it pleasant to enjoy the out-of-doors again.
  • Parking lot maintenance, including sweeping and striping.
  • Prompt snow and ice removal, helping to keep parking lots safe and businesses open.
  • Dump-truck service.
  • Demolition and haul away services.

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